Welcome to GfTD

GfTD is a consultancy and services company in the telecommunications sector. Our customers include all the operators of mobile telephone networks and their systems engineering suppliers and general contractors.

The fast pace of change in the telecommunications market with its rapid changes in products means that as a consultancy and services provider we have to provide a very high level of flexibility. Our clients do not receive “off-the-peg” solutions, but creative solutions that are individually tailored to their respective situation.

In order to fulfil these requirements GfTD employs ca. 250 experts on permanent contracts. In order to keep pace with the constantly growing market and the requirements that it gives rise to, GfTD is continually on the lookout for new experts who can further strengthen our team.

Due to its close, trust-based collaboration with the operators of mobile telephone networks in the Federal Republic of Germany, in recent years GfTD has continually been able to expand its consultancy and services portfolio.