GfTD mbH

Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation Deutschland mbH
Am Kai 22
44263 Dortmund
Telephone: 0231/475480-10
Fax: 0231/475480-29
E-Mail: info[at]

Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Thomas Lempik; Pia Lempik
Authorized signatory: : Uwe Pewny; Peter Hackelbörger
District court: Dortmund: Dortmund HRB22924
UST-ID: DE 251562862


We collect, process and use your data only in accordance with the legal regulations. This data protection declaration applies exclusively to the use of the webpages provided by us. It does not apply to the webpages of other service providers to which we only refer by means of a link.
When using our webpages you remain anonymous provided that you yourself do not voluntarily provide us with personal data. Personal data is only gathered if this is required for the use of the services provided on the website, in particular services offered via forms.

We will treat the data provided by you as being strictly confidential. We will not pass on any personal data without your express consent unless we are legally obliged to do so. However, we draw your attention to the fact that in the course of the transmission of data in the internet it is always possible that third parties may become privy to your data or falsify it.If you demand that we do so, we will let you view the data that is stored about you, and/or we will delete such data. If you wish to correct, delete or view data, all you have to do is to write to the address shown above. In the course of notifying our customers of new products etc. we will only send you emails if you have provided us with your email address for these purposes.


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